Tuesday, May 1, 2007

On the Move

Well the time has finally come. I've been not so patiently waiting to move to Wausau for more reasons than I have time to list, but I have accepted a job offer and will be relocating in June. The one thing to me that stands out is the fact that I can Snowboard, XC Ski (day or night), and Mountain bike at one of the best trails in the Midwest, and not to mention great opportunities for long road rides.

This weekend is the Iola Bump & Jump the kickoff to the WORS Series. This is one of my favorite courses especially since last year since they've added a monster climb and to prepare for it 10 hill climbs at High Cliff. I swear everyone and their brother was out on such a nice day at least crossing paths with around 30 area cyclists and that's just at High Cliff State Park. I did pretty damn good last year placing 4th, but this year I'll be riding comp so the competition will definitely be there.

I have some photos I need to upload so keep on the lookout for those otherwise, see you at Iola.

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