Monday, May 21, 2007

Lack of Tread Fest WORS #2


Got out for the pre-ride on Saturday with Jim and Brett and was pretty pumped about the layout with the amount of climbing, singletrack, and the rockgarden not to mention it flowed really well for being as loose as it was.

Sunday was a different story. Warmup and everything went well, but I showed up late to the line putting me in the back due to the lack of a call up. The exact second they let our group gooooooooo, the skies opened up and didn't hold back for quite some time, and I'm glad I made the decision to ditch the sugar and get the hardtail back together what timing that was for it made the difference between staying in the race and quiting or so it seemed as I saw many quite a few full suspension rigs on the side of the trails as I slid on by. The first time through the rockgarden someone brake checked me and that in turn made me use my brakes when I normally wouldn't, but the following laps were close to unrideable with no room for a mistake in that section. Laps 2 and most of 3 were very sloppy and at times you could not even run up the slop, but by the time I started lap 4 it started to tack up and I put down the hammer as best I could, but it was way too late as I found Landon was way off the front in what would be his best wors finish of the season. Jesse and Marko (thanks again for the bottles now all I need is a kit) definitely came to race today posting 2nd and 3rd overall on their ss 29er. Scott Cole posted an excellent 13th overall in the elite class despite a stage diving incident that took place after I hit the road. Mountaingoat took advantage of being on the rigid SS and rode to a good finish and after talking to Sarah afterwards she apparently ripped it up as well...litterally...As far as I'm concerned I grabbed 6th in age and 45th overall in comp so it's an improvement, but I've got a ways to go I've got nothing but time on my side and an Intense Spider 29er waiting to be tested on the WORS dirt circus I am very confident that I will continue to improve at a steady rate.

After a departure of my buddy Brett heading out to Colorado, the 24-9 team is disbanded. I am now going 24 solo on the Spider 29er with the Rockhopper waiting in the wings if I need a spare never know with these things.

This Weekend is the 12 hours of gears pending weather. I plan on also packing up some of the necesseties and moving up north to Tomahawk for a month until the residence in Wausau becomes open. Very excited to get back up north again to enjoy riding the trails within short driving distance especially Washburn Lake Trail.

Okay gotta do some packing


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