Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's Official I am pissed!

Okay so first we have A-Fraud (Alex Rodriguez) on tv every hour on the hour and so I am sick of that (Strike ONE) he should be out of baseball for 2 years just as any cyclist would be.  Work changed my schedule giving me notice of the change exactly 1 day prior to the new format in which makes me angry cause they require us to give a two week notice for a single vacation day. (For those counting at home that's TWO strikes).  Finally (Strike THREE) I find out it's going to cost $280 or more  to get into the 24 hours of 9 mile.  Looks like I'll be shooting for 12 solo and that's not even a good price either at $60 (WEMS charges 35).  Shout out goes to GG Series for screwing up a great grassroots event.  Maybe I can go back to the college days and sell plasma again for race money.  Hmmmm I wonder how much jiggalos make...scratch that I'm married.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2009 Semi-Finalized Schedule

4/16-4/21 - Sea Otter Classic
5/2-5/3 - Trans Iowa
5/9 - WEMS Stump Farm 12
5/23 - WEMS 12 Hours of Greenbush
5/31 - WORS Smokin Spoke (Rhinelander)
6/7 - WORS Big Ring Classic (Wausau)
6/13 - WEMS 12 Hours of John Muir
6/20 - NUE Series Lumberjack 100
6/27 - WEMS Metro 12 Hour Challenge
7/4 - Pow Wow Days 5k (Tomahawk)
7/11 - WEMS Levis 100 (Neilsville)
7/25-26 - 24 Hours of 9 Mile (Wausau)
8/8 - WEMS Blufflands Epic 12 Hour
8/22 - WEMS 12 Hours of Blue Mounds (apparently I didn't learn from last year)
8/30 - WORS Reforestation Ramble
9/4-5 - WEMS 12 Hours of Pitch Black
9/19 - Chequamegon Fattire Festival
10/3 - WEMS 12 Hours of Underdown (Tomahawk)
11/7 - Iceman Cometh

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Training Wheels

Not too much going on but spinning the wheels on the trainer until the snow is finished.  We're only supposed to get a few inches which will be nice to get out and skate some more so watching viva la bam on the trainer is broken up a little bit.  I've been downloading some tunes.
Chinese Democracy - GnR
Shacklers Revenge - GnR
You Wouldn't Know -  Hellyeah
Alcoholin' Ass - Hellyeah
Stranglehold - Ted Nuggent
Stillborn - Black Label Society
See you on the Other Side - Ozzy Osbourne
I Got Erection - Turbonegro
Hot For Teacher - Van Halen
Unchained - Van Halen (not van hagar)
No racing until the Sea Otter, but did the registration thing and if people are complaining about camping rates at the wors races this year they should stop by the sea otter site and see the $60 per site per night price tag....I would rather pay the other 25 or so to have a comfy bed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Looking Back and Pushing Forward

Badger State Games for me are now over as today was the final event for the 2009 winter games.  The games started for me on Saturday Jan 25th as I lined up for the 10k classic xc ski race in temps well below zero.  I got off to a great start and posted a strong 1st place finish.  From there I lined up again right away the next morning with of course the same below zero temp I'd seen the day prior in the Quadrathlon which included the 5k run, 5k bike, 5k snowshoe, and finally a 5k xc ski.  To make a long story short, run was conservative, my bottle froze within 5 minutes after I mounted the Redline, lots of climbing in the snowshoe, and finally I had no tech skill on the skate skis.  All in all a good race with a 4th place finish despite the fatigue.  Finally, today, the 3rd and final race which was simply a 5k trail run.  I was thinking it was going to be a fast race on some roads but it really was in fact a trail run.  Picking your way around the trail was the hardest part as it rivaled that of beach sand, but I managed to come out with a good result and my second gold in my final Badger State Games race of 2009.  I was able to utilize the fluid recovery (berry treasure) drink just in time before this last race and it did wonders I wish I had it the Saturday night before the Quadrathlon I like the taste more than others out there as well.
Friday was like the second coming of Christmas as a box of EVOMO goodies arrived. Including the key ingredients to the Nitrous diet plans thanks to Titec, Simbree, EVOMO, Fluid, and of course did I mention EVOMO.  As I mentioned above I've already begun to use some of the great items.  The new long sleeve team jersey was great for xc skiing.
The Gravel Road to Trans Iowa Begins 2/9/09 at 7:00 am!  The Coach Lynda plan has me doing  a couple of hours tomorrow with the 20 minute max effort as which I will enjoy.  I don't want to just make it through I would like to also get a good result in my first attempt.