Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Still Around and Very Busy

I am still around.  Still training, getting bike stuff together and renewed my passion for running.  I've been on a huge running kick lately mostly derived from coaching track.  Some aches and pains developed and then went away now it's getting fun like it used to be.  Yeah sure I still get some pain here and there, but it's running and yeah there is some impact involved.  Time will tell when it all starts to click again but feeling like a breakthrough moment occurred last night.  Fools run is coming up on the 31st that will be the first 5k of the year.  I am hoping to break 19 minutes but i've never raced this course and especially at midnight so we'll see, but the work is definitely there.  I actually have a few 5Ks scheduled this year due to the fact that they are so close which is nice when it comes to the family.

Oh and this biking thing.  Well the time is adding up nicely after my lovely trip to GB is finally old news I can continue to regain my biking form.  One thing that helps is the fact that I am 10-15Lbs lighter than at this time last year.  That my friends is encouraging.  I've got some races scheduled, curious how my  rev limiter (aka: heart) will allow me to perform with all of this running above the 180 mark.  I have some thoughts about where I want my racing to take me this year, but I don't plan to reveal any of that till later on.  Got some new wheels being built by grandmaster Greg and now the family is completely outfitted with bikes including Charlee even though she is about 2" too short to stride away, but she wanted to and gets how it works so now we just wait.  Thanks to Sprocketz for getting us all set up for the season and congrats to Sprocketz of Weston for being named the Wausau area's best bike shop.

So that's it for now.  See you in Iola, maybe I'll ride or maybe I'll just run and play with the camera or all of the above!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Come Get Some!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these jerseys and support the trail project in Bradley Park, Act quickly this is a one time run with orders and payment due no later than April 13th!! an assortment of goodies will sure accompany these jerseys thanks to my gracious sponsors.

For questions, interest, pricing, sizing, etc please email: