Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fools Only Run @ Midnight

Normally, since this is a cycling blog and everything, I would be talking about the first few rides of the year or first couple of races.  And while I did race this past weekend it wasn't on the bike.  In order to understand this I have to rewind back to February where I inquired about coaching track for a grant that I was eligible for to give back to the program and started down that path in March.  I found out early that running can still be fun...for me and just as rewarding as cycling as it is what you make of it.  So training and working with these kids did make me a little faster and I decided to test my new found fitness at the Fools Run up in Minocqua this past weekend.  

The race started at midnight April Fools Day, in the dark, cold, and by the time we hit the course fog and mist covered the 5k route.  I lined up front ahead of over 1000 additional racers wearing everything from Mario Brothers costumes to a speedo.  The gun went off and we took off on a series of immediate right and left turns and then down a long straight stretch of road.  Early on there was a large group of 20 runners flying down the road, but I would begin to pick them all off one by one except for a couple that just got away and some dude wearing a banana suit that slowly pulled away as well.  The course was dark and even with headlamps it was hard to see because of the fog, but the streets were lined with paperbags with candles burning inside which added a cool touch to the event.  Coming up on the first mile checkpoint it was well lit which made things interesting cause I could see my shadow in the trees along with a bigger shadow of what looked like 10 other racers working to chase me down like a rabbit, but as each minute passed that shadow would get smaller and smaller and I would look back and see no one there.  Finally we hit Hwy 51 again just out from the brewing company and I can see someone a couple hundred feet behind me trying to chase me down, but tonight wouldn't be his night and I pulled the April fools joke of the race giving him the perception that I was fading and with about 800 meters left I took off in a pace I would run that same distance in during track and held that gap to just over 5 seconds and had that race been longer he may just have caught me. 

I had thought that there was one guy that busted the race wide open, then the guy in the banana suit, and then me.  Turns out one other person came through and their chip didn't register..... on top of that the course was measured out at just over 3.5 miles so I think my overall time of 21:44 wasn't too shabby and 4th place overall out of 1037 runners was excellent for this early season race.  I did manage to win the age group of 30-39 out of 58 runners. 

It was a great time, excellent course, and fun to spend the race with Sam who did her first 5k that night as well.

Next race for me is going to be the RASTA Rally up in Rhinelander the weekend before WORS.

Until then I encourage you all to...