Monday, October 3, 2011

My Favorite Training Partner

Who or what is your favorite training partner and think about your answer?  Many may find that a favorite partner may be a friend, rider at similar ability or even better yet faster.  Others may find that a favorite tire, power meter, or Ipod may be their favorite training partner.  All are acceptable things for people to consider their must have and favorite training partner, but for me it's something of a different element...literally.

The wind is my favorite training partner.  It's there to give you a push when you need it.  It roars in applause through your ears each and every time you pick up the effort.  It doesn't let up when you want quit and when you think about quitting sometimes it punches you in the face more just to make a point that you can push through the pain cave.  The wind is just as capable of showing mercy as it is to delivering a punishment that no other training partner or race can give you.  

In those early spring rides where the wind teams up with other friends like rain, snow, and the little amount of hills we have here in Wisconsin.  They will give you an experience that can only be described in single words like epic, legendary, insane, you get the idea.  

Wind is my favorite training partner.  Although the roaring applause will sometimes slow the average speed your heart will still beat faster and make you that much stronger.  By seasons end all you can hear is the roaring cheers coming from your training partner, hopefully by then the cheers are deafening.