Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Paranoid or is this really happening

Recently I just turned 26 (Jan 9th) to be exact and something strange and noticeable is taking place. Flashback to last summer, I was able to put down Starbucks in the morning, a heavy lunch, and a mountain dew here and there and wouldn't gain a single ounce. Currently I have managed to gained back the 5 pounds of winter weight i've just burned off from cycling again. Is it the fact that muscle is beginning to form more cause I notice no real noticeable mass gain, or has my matabolism slowed effective 12:00 am Jan 9th 2007? I am thinking now may be the perfect time to nip this in the butt by taking the healthy but required caloric intake to offset the thousands of calories I burn on a daily basis.

The last week and a half have been insane. For example I don't remember the last day I wasn't on a pair of skis or on my bike. I am not going to get into specifics cause that would reveal "secrets of my training program", WOW! if I keep this up I can expect some big things to happen this year, but to put this into perspective it's only base miles.

The Gary Fisher Sugar is about complete. I have some goodies coming in the mail tommorow. I was in bad need of brake cables, grips, and chainstay protectors for the newly painted frame.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 News and Racing Schedule

Some late news!

I am joining the FDL/Oshkosh Cyclery Mountain Bike Race Team for 2007. This decision came late in the 2006 season as Jim, Bret and I discussed how cool it would be for all three (possibly four if Nate J. decides to join) to race in the same age group in the same class.

Here is also my finalized schedule for 2007

2007 Race Schedule
*All dates are tentative to promoters scheduling and more dates be added or removed.

May 6 Cross-Country #1 IOLA BUMP & JUMP
Iola Winter Sports Club, Iola, WI

May 20 Cross-Country #2 TREADFEST
Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI

Nine Mile Forest, Wausau, WI

Price County Fairgrounds, Phillips, WI

Eau Claire Co. Expo Center, Eau Claire, WI

July 28-29 NORBA 24 Hours of 9 Mile
(NORBA 24hr National Championships)
Nine Mile Forest, Wausau, WI

Crystal Ridge, Franklin, WI

August 11 Marathon Ore 2 Shore Hardrock 48
Marquette, MI

August 19 Cross-Country #6 SUBARU CUP
Nordic Mt, Mt Morris, WI

August 26 Marathon #3 SMOKIN SPOKE
Camp Tesomas, Rhinelander, WI

September 1 WEMS Series Stump Farm 12hr
Brown Cty Reforestation Camp
Suamico, WI

September 2 WEMS Series 12 Hours of Winter Park
Winter Park, Kewaunee, WI

September 9 Cross-Country #7 SUNBURST SHOWDOWN
Sunburst Ski Area, Kewaskum, WI

September 15 Marathon Chequamegon Fattire 40
Cable, WI

September 23 Cross-Country #8 ROME AROUND
Alexander Field, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

October 7 AMBC WIGWAM/ULTIMAX MTB CHALLENGE Evergreen Park, Sheboygan, WI

October 20 Cross Country Beechwood Blaster
Beechwood, WI

Madtown Visit

Brett and I took a trip down to Madison today to the Cronometro Swapmeet to get me some parts for the good ol' mountain bike. Unfourtunately, I didn't come away with everything I needed, but I did get the essentials including some disc brakes, saddle, winter clothing, and a shock pump. Said hi to Marko and thanked him for the advice on making it down there for parts on the cheap.

On the way back we stopped at a brewery called "Ale Asylum". A riding buddy of ours recommended this to us and thus we had some sandwhiches and I had a glass of "Distortedly Conduct" Good Stuff.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home was lock myself in the basement and reassembled my full suspension Gary Fisher and watch some football.