Monday, January 7, 2013

Bringing In The New Year '13

What an end to 2012!  Daughter turns 2 just before Thanksgiving, we move out to a beautiful house with some acreage, I stick with a routine and stay healthy as well as logging time on skis, bike, snowshoes and running shoes all the while putting time in the weight room going beef!

2013 Brings some big changes, with the bike shop opening soon.  Bikes should begin showing up, parts and tools need to be ordered, marketing plans coming together and oh so much more.  Changing Gears is opening in Tomahawk and people are pumped.  I've done some digging in the archives at my employer gaining some history about silent sport activities to maybe publish some day.

Also, changing is my focus.  Since I've become healthy again I've really focused on running, but now kicking it up to 10k which was my strong suit anyway despite winning a 5K in 2012.  A lot of the changes in my training and racing is mainly cause I don't have the time to log ridiculous miles on the bike anymore or at least for now.  I am focusing on running logging anywhere from 20-60 miles per week, with some BMX riding and Singlespeed riding to work on my tech skillz for when the little one is not so little anymore.

It's cool though, I'll continue turning pedals on the Singlespeed living Metal the only way I know how....This Metal/TwinSix bravado is not just some cool shirts for cyclists it's a lifestyle, working at a bikeshop, riding to work, racing on weekends on the dirt in WEMS, or BMX Track or whatever, hell I would wear a jersey to a 10k depending on conditions.

One thing that stays consistent is the support from Infinit Nutrition.  I've learned to stick with what works and haven't changed since 2008.

Training has been good though, I can't be happier if I tried.  Down at least 15 pounds from this time last year with no BS travel to mess that up it's been nice to stay on track and not eat out at restaurants every night.  Working with the Track and Cross Country kids at the local high school certainly helps things progress and keeps me sharp.  I toward fall when things were winding down I was still running a 5:04 mile???? it can only get better in '13.  Time to crawl into the pain cave.