Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Partnership - Infinit Nutrition

So lets take a minute and rewind to Wausau24 2009.  Infinit Nutrition was a sponsor of the 24 hour series at the time and also supported the like of Chris Eatough (thanks for the training plan and contact info btw) and Pua Sawicki.  We were all greeted with giftcards to try some of their phenominal creations and after I tried some in the pits during the 12 hour that year I liked the taste and ordered my first bag with the gift card provided. 

I can't seem to eat "real" solid foods during races I needed a one stop shop and while using the slide bars on the website I was able to dial in what I needed to race hard for the time I needed to.  I continued to change the formula slightly till I got exactly where I wanted it and continued to order bags of it and will continue to do so going into 2011. 

The way I see it.  You go with what works and you do what you can to spread the word and support what gets results.  If there is one thing you don't do it's mess with nutrition, Infinit Nutrition lets you dial it in exactly to your individual specifications because no two people are made up of the exact same body composition.  So going into 2011 I would like to welcome Infinit Nutrition as a sponsor for 2011.  Stay tuned for some additional info if you were looking to try some.