Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Week in Wisconsin

What the hell is going on here. There is exactly 12 days left till Christmas day and guess what NO SNOW! I guess that's what happens when you have millions of snobby socker moms driving oversized SUV's because the feel more "safe" this boosts global warming. Meanwhile I am scared shitless whenever I come near one that the driver is clearly putting on make up, talking on her cell phone, reaching back to smack around the kids cause they wont stop screaming (can you blame 'em I would to if I knew my life was in constant danger). I'll never forget what happend this past summer when I was riding out to High Cliff State Park for some hill intervals I nearly got clipped by an middle aged woman in an explorer who was doing all of the above mentioned activities and it was so clear since she nearly hit me after running a stop sign. Anyway, guess where she ends up meeting me again....High Cliff State Park she rides up on my rear wheel and almost goes around when there is another vehicle coming at me. She has enough nerve to roll up along side of me roll down her passenger window and tell me that I need to pay attention to where I am going. I about lost it and she was not a small woman by any means so my comment was simply this "Thanks, but if I were you I would pay attention to those stop signs....and by the looks of it your weight to" Morale of the story... don't rag on a cyclist, especially if you've had one too many big will get burned.

I can't stand this weather. I think I would like it more if there were some daylight after a day at the office so that I can ride, but lets face it folks it's just not safe at night during the winter, nobody is expecting to see a bike out there. I need snow for XC Skiing, Snowboarding, and peace of mind.

The workouts in the weight room are going very well. I can noticeably see the difference in my physique and how cut some of the muscle tissue has become especially the calfs and shoulders. I am excited to begin my transformation to a endurance racer, but have a lot of key decisions to make. I will keep you informed on that stuff as it changes.

I was a little on the long winded side today, but what else am I going to do? Wont be snowboarding!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Paint a Fisher Project



Now I have some ideas for paint...I'm thinking Gloss Jet Black with Chrome New Generation Enlarged Gary Fisher Graphics. Frame is already primed and ready for sanding and laying the graphic color. I thought about adding some red text graphics in there as well, but still unsure as to what that will be.

The Latest Plague = El Nino

Not too much has been going on training wise since late October. I needed a break for I was kind of burnt out towards the end of the season. Moving up to the Cliff Bar Comp Series was a motivating change and so was racing at Beechwood, but I needed some time to rest.

I haven't hit the bike hard yet this year, just a few hours here and there to keep my muscle memory in my legs. The weight room right now is the main focus and am already starting to see more of the transformation from runner to cyclist as far as muscle construction and mass goes.

My shoulder is still kinda messed up but whatever bring it! This is not the first time I've come down with an injury and surely wont be the last.

Weather sucks! Can't snowboard, XC Ski, Snowmobile, but riding outdoors is miserable and it's dark to early and dangerous cause according to drivers bikes are not out after Thanksgiving, can't really do much of anything too cold and too warm......Long story short, where's the f'ing snow.

Welcome Suckers

Welcome one and all to my blog!

I welcome bantering, smack talk, and any other random acts of stupidity as long as it's from someone I know or related to mountain biking. I wasn't born and raised in California or Colorado so I guess it's somewhat of a surprise that a true Wisconite can in fact have a blog about mountain biking.

I don't consider myself the king of kings by any means.....yet....working on it though. I have the endurance, background, ability to learn about every aspect of the sport, and love and welcome any of the worst pain and conditions that can be thrown at me cause I know that if I make it though than there is no limit as to where I can go.

I am not a power rider at all at least not at this point, but I can climb with the best of them, and ride consistently for hours on end. Which is why I am going to be venturing more into the extreme side of the sport and do more 12 hour and 24 hour races slowly transitioning to strictly marathon and the 6, 12, and 24 hour breeds.

I know I am perfectly capable of becoming a name at the highest level.....The only questions are when, where, and in what?