Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Latest Plague = El Nino

Not too much has been going on training wise since late October. I needed a break for I was kind of burnt out towards the end of the season. Moving up to the Cliff Bar Comp Series was a motivating change and so was racing at Beechwood, but I needed some time to rest.

I haven't hit the bike hard yet this year, just a few hours here and there to keep my muscle memory in my legs. The weight room right now is the main focus and am already starting to see more of the transformation from runner to cyclist as far as muscle construction and mass goes.

My shoulder is still kinda messed up but whatever bring it! This is not the first time I've come down with an injury and surely wont be the last.

Weather sucks! Can't snowboard, XC Ski, Snowmobile, but riding outdoors is miserable and it's dark to early and dangerous cause according to drivers bikes are not out after Thanksgiving, can't really do much of anything too cold and too warm......Long story short, where's the f'ing snow.

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