Friday, November 13, 2009

2010 Schedule

February 6 - Badger State Games 21k Classic XC Ski and 10k Classic XC Ski
April ? Colorado Training Camp
May 2 Iola Bump & Jump Iola Winter Sports Club, Iola, WI
May 8 Stump Farm 12
May 16 Crystal Lake Classic Camp Tesomas, Rhinelander, WI
May 22 12 Hours of the Northern Kettles
May 30 Trek Big Ring Classic Nine Mile Forest, Wausau, WI
June 13 Sunburst Showdown Sunburst Ski Area, Kewaskum, WI
June 19 12 Hours at John Muir
June 26 & 27 Subaru Cup Pro XCT Nordic Mt, Mt Morris, WI
July 4 Pow Wow Days 5k/10k Tomahawk, WI
July 17 Levis Trow 100
July 31 & August 1 24 Hours of 9 Mile, Wausau, WI
August 21 Hatchet Cross Country Alumni Scrimmage 5k Tomahawk, WI
August 22 Reforestation Ramble Reforestration Camp, Suamico, WI
August 28 Blufflands Epic Enduro Race
September 4 24 hours of Seven Oaks, Boone IA
October 2 Metro Challenge
October 10 Wigwam MTB Challenge Evergreen Park, Sheboygan, WI
November 6 Stump Farm Duathlon

Friday, November 6, 2009

Channel 4 News Interview - Stay Classy Wisconsin

Hello Folks, Champ Kind here from Channel 4 News sitting down with solo endurance mountain bike racer Justin Lund. I was able to ask him a few questions about the 2009 race season and get his thoughts on 2010 and the future.

Champ Kind: First of all, thank you for taking the time to sit down share you thoughts with the best news team in San Diego.
Justin Lund: Not sure what you're doing here in Wisconsin but you're very welcome and glad to have you here.

CK: Coming off of a great season in 2008 would you say you had high expectations going into this past season?
JL: Yes, I was very happy with the way 2008 turned out and really though I could carry that over into 2009 in which started with going West to the Sea Otter Classic.

CK: Did you enjoy your trip out West and what did you take away from visiting the West Coast?
JL: I did enjoy being out west. The landscape was fantastic, meeting the mastermind behind Evomo and some of the other teammates as well as our team sponsors such as Jeff and Sonya from Ergon, Greg from MotorTabs, everybody from Titec, Simbree, Tifosi and meeting some new contacts from Sigma and GT Bikes was an experience I can only describe as extraordinary.

CK: You did race out there right? How did you fare against the stiff competition?
JL: I started off super strong off the front and worked with a group including the eventual winner of the Golden Bike for 4 races or so. As I was about to make it around for lap 1 I ended up flatting and couldn't get it to seal up and was pretty dissapointed after a strong start and pulled the plug.

CK: Sorry to hear that. Do you have a beer?
JL: What? Can you do that on the job? Yes I have a beer (presents Champ with an underdown growler filled with the Red Eye Scarlet Seven and he appears quite pleased)

CK: So I heard the better portion of the race season was spent riding in rain and thick mud. Describe the beginning of the season and how things went.
JL: (takes a big gulp of beer) The season started at the WEMS Series Stump Farm 12 hour. I had big admirations for this race considering I was the defending champ from 2008, but just coming off the first of many illnesses to plague my season was just clearing away and what I found out later was that the chainring I was using needed to be replaced. I had a hard time and pulled plug early on It was raining but that course needed it and there was tons of good racing and great riders drilling it throughout the day. My bike issues would continue all the way till the WEMS race in Franklin and was starting to come around with a top 10 finish but not quite there. I also started feeling strong during the Wausau WORS race where I felt I was on the gas the entire time which was something I had been missing early on.

CK: Sounds like a rough start. Was there a point where you felt like you were at last seasons form?
JL: Yeah, I think just before 24 Hours of 9 Mile I was turning some fast laps specifically during the night hours which was a weak point for me in 2008.

CK: How did that work out for you?
JL: Not great I broke my frame on the first lap and re-injured my knee trying to run in bike shoes. I attempted to get on the singlespeed and grind it but then the pain got to be overwhelming and threw in the towel, definitely not a proud moment in history for me that's for certain.

CK: (Takes another drink of the Scarlet 7) Well slap my ass and call me Betsy. That doesn't sound like the outcome you were looking for. What happened from there?
JL: Well, with the injury and the new bike on the way I took some time off to heal and fit off being sick again. I got back on the bike again just before Cheqfat and was excited to do that race but not on the singlespeed.

CK: How did the Chequamegon 40 go for you?
JL: I thought it went well despite all of the previous illnesses and getting passed by almost everybody on the singlespeed at the start. I rode a 33x16 which worked pretty well on the ski trails but with about 6 miles left I really started to lose energy and cramp up, but that didn't dissapoint me as I still had a pretty good time. I plan to be much more competitive in 2010 if I get into that race via the lottery.

CK: I heard you faced some adversity for quite some time after that. Can you elaborate on that for me partner?
JL: Partner? (Takes another drink) Anyway, yeah, I got sick again after the cheqfat and had a hard time staying healthy between then and Underdown in fact the underdown race turned out to be my best finish of the year but the field wasn't as deep due to WORS re-scheduling a race for that weekend. I went to the doctor that following week and after x-rays, labs, and urine samples, they found I had Epestein Barr Virus which is a basically Mono. It explained my shallow breathing, weakened immune system, and ongoing fatigue. They put me on some antibiotics and it was crazy to get that kind of awakening without dumping redbull or monster into my system.

CK: Ouch! So that was basically the end of your season, is that safe to assume?
JL: Yeah that was it.

CK: In an down year like this, is there anything positive you got from it?
JL: Oh yeah, I would say taking time and going up to Bond Falls for the annual Tomahawk Cross Country camp and speaking to the kids about continuing to stay active after their cross country days are over and seeing how far the program has come over the course of the last decade. Also, going up to Hayward for the Cheqfat 40 was a blast in which I got to hang out with friends both new and old including the Colorado crew Scott D, Brett Ebben, Marni and Chris Plesko. Chris had some funny stories to share about the Great Divide MTB race.

CK: So I heard you had some Jungle Jooz up in Hayward, Did you know I own stock in that company. Anyway, what are your plans for 2010.
JL: Really? If I could sum up the taste of that stuff in one word it would be....butt. For 2010 I am planning to stay local as I am working with the city of Tomahawk to get some mtb trails built in the park so I will be spending a lot of the summer up there. I plan on opening up the season with a Colorado training camp in April. I plan on doing 24 hours of 7 oaks and the WEMS series as always. Plus I look forward to doing some of my favorite WORS races again as well. I will try to get into Cheqfat again, and of course the badger state winter games will be on the calendar. I will lace up my running shoes again to get the THS alumni the win next year and wont miss out on doing the stump farm duathalon either.

CK: Is there anyone you would like to thank?
JL: Of course. I would like to thank Brian at Evomo for bringing me out to California and the support from the team sponsors. I would also like to thank my wife for her support throughout the season and never letting up on me to get me to see the doctor as I am as about as stubborn as they come. I would also like to thank all of my sponsors both new for 2010 Hayes, Uvex, and QRotor, and for 2009 sponsors involved with Team Evomo.

CK: Well thank you for taking some time with us and good luck in 2010.
JL: Thanks

CK: Back to you Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy: Stay classy Wisconsin!