Tuesday, June 16, 2009

12 Hours of John Muir

Much like the last 5, count em, 5 races we were gifted more rain.  So I rolled up to the venue, donated more money to the DNR (why you need both a state trail and parking pass just to ride your bike is beyond me), and set up my pit and as usual rolled to the start line with about 5 minutes to spare.

The course conditions were far from perfect watching riders go down left and right some right in front of me.  I bobbed and weaved like a veteran prize fighter but busting out the rigid singlespeed was not only an option cause of the way it performs in nasty conditions, but it was my only option due to drivetrain issues once again and would come back to haunt me later.  So for the first six hours I spent it all on my Redline SS and the aftermath looked a little something like this.

So now after that mess was over I needed to get on the geared bike, but I think it may have hurt me more than helped at this point as I was too worried about dropping my chain on the one or two climbs on the course and my turner is much more responsive so I rode a pretty sloppy line for the first couple of laps and just enough that I slowed a little and let people by that I normally wouldn't especially in the pits as I watch a fellow series rider go by as I change out shoes and camelbacks.  I am bummed about and new I could have caught or simply stayed ahead of the 3 riders in front of me had I been more prepared.  I did feel a little better and my legs came to life again like I was in a 24 solo race on the last lap and rode the 2nd fastest lap of the race for me which is a sign that I am on track for my season goals.  So the story goes 9th place on the day just under 100 miles and my turner survived despite the not so optimistic approach.  At least the 2nd half of the race offered no mud to speak of and I didn't have to clean two bikes.
Thanks to Simbree, Fluid, and MotorTabs for keeping me alive during the first five mud filled races.  Also, thanks to Tifosi for keeping said mud from scratching my retinas.  Of course I would also like to thank Ergon and Brave Soldier for keeping me comfortable in the saddle.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

9th on another rainfilled race. last lap was 2nd fastest...report to follow.