Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's All About the Big Picture

Levis 100 strikes again.  I am now 0-3 at this race and am thinking of staying away from that place for awhile as nothing good happens there....for me anyways.

I started off great and moved with ease to where I wanted to go.  I then got caught up by some junk riding that forced me off my bike 3 times in the first lap.  The start of the second lap I put some air in the tires based on the fact that I was rimming out a little too easily.  The very start of the third lap is where all hell broke loose and upon entering the first section of singletrack I picked up a stick and snapped off the derailure hanger.  My day was done after that, but I did manage to salvage the day by getting out on the mountain bay for another 40 miles.  Luckily for me I still managed to get in 6 hours of riding just as the coach ordered.

This race was a dissapointment, but all in all it's about the big picture and riding as many laps as I can for Tim Wissbroecker and his family.  The more laps I complete the more I can hopefully give them.  So if you are interested in pledging or even just a regular donation I wont turn you away plus you gain entry into a raffle from the great people at:

Bigby Coffee of Wausau
Sprocketz Bike Shop of Weston
RedEye Brewing Company of Wausau

All you need to do is send me the following to mtbkr81[at]

Phone Number:
$ Pledge per lap:
$ Maximum:

Here is the news story about my quest and personal tie to Tim and this type of accident:

Thanks to everyone for their donations and support see you at Wausau24.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Ramping up to Wausau24

As I get closer to the Summer Formal of 24 hour racing here in the Midwest I am slowly learning more about my strengths and weaknesses by riding with the fast and the furious from right here in Wausau to those speed demons from Duluth.  I have found what I need to work on just in time to have a final test before Wausau24 by facing some past demons at the Levis 100.

This race has seemed to hand my arse to me year after year.  The first time I made it to that race was in 2008 and I had just come down with the flu in which I only managed to make it for 4 of the 8 laps.  2009 I was determined to get my revenge and come home with the win but I had been already plagued by mono up to that point unknowingly and was extremely sick before crossing the line in which I at least finished.  I am hoping for a strong appearance this year as it would be only two weeks out from my last 24 solo attempt for an unknown amount of time.

Needless to say I am ready for Levis after a hard workout at the underdown and I will be ready for Wausau24.  So let it be known I am ready to GET SOME!