Monday, June 25, 2007

What a Weekend

Friday i ended up taking a trip to Appleton to gather the remainder of my things and turn in the keys. I got home around 1:30 Saturday morning just in time to get some sleep for the muchly anticipated bachelor party that was about to go down that night. We all met at the Bridge and continued to our 8pm dinner at the chinese restaraunt and from there proceeded to loaders and finally down to Wausau for some adult entertainment hehehehe. We finally got back to t-hawk around 1 am to meet up with the girls fresh off there scavenger hunt adventure and proceeded to consume beverages till last call.

Sunday Brett and I met up with Nate at 9 mile for a 3 hour jaunt in which we discovered some secret trails that were extremely technical and definitely not something you want to ride alone. I think we all came close to do some endos. I know I have completed one endo and nearly smashed the boys in another section. We hit up all of the popular destinations 1,2,3 and ho chi minh as well as the flower garden. It was a good ride to say the least I felt pretty good despite Saturdays debotchery.

I can't wait for the Eau Claire race this weekend. Great course lots of racer extras to enjoy and did I mention it's a great course.

Still putting in longer rides in prep for 24-9. I swear by the time I start my first lap everyone is going to be sick of me talking about it, but it's the only thing on my mind at this juncture of the season. I am doing 24 solo and I do plan on riding the whole time minus the obvious breaks of course. I am hoping for a good solo turnout and I am not looking to place ahead of the favorites, but I want to be as competitve as possible and have a lot of fun out there.

See ya at Eau Claire.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Specialized Rockhopper Comp + Horrible Phillips Course = tons of back pain for Justin

Brett and I didn't know that we were going to start the race or not when the rain let up, but when they delayed it 15 minutes it was a decision to make a go of it, but didn't warm up very well. That really didn't matter cause I was feeling pretty loose with tons of energy, but then I got completely thrashed by the terrain of the course more specifically my lower back. Even as i stopped on the side of the trail to recooperate, I took off like a bat out of hell, but as soon as I got to that singletrack section with the roots, rocks, and other terrain generated bumps, I slowed back to citizen pace. I can't blame no one else but myself cause of my method of training. Averaging 160 bpm for 3 hours 5 days a week isn't going to make me fast and powerful, but I'll be able to ride for hours on end at a steady pace and I'm fine with that, but it does effect the results and that is always frustration mentally, and makes it difficult to focus on the big picture 24-9.

I am going to get some more speed work in and cut back the time for the firecracker cause that course really supports my riding style to get a good placing in before the 12 hour rodeo stampede in spooner, but I want to keep putting in the miles before 24-9. It seems as though you can't effectively train for both at the same time and judging by my efforts in phillips it more than confirms that the endurance is there I just need power, or do I. I don't want to risk going backwords on training for the 24 hours of nine mile. See how this is going circles? I am confused.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Was Runnnning

I did my first Forrest Gump workout of the year in which I ran with my old cross country coach for about 5 miles and I didn't really have the legs for it since I rode 3 hours at nine mile on Sunday so the shins are a. I think that's all i've been riding lately is nine mile, but until i get the new roadie that's how it's going to be plus it's a great way to nail down tire and pressure that's going to be used at 24-9 (which is a month and a half away).

I finally got the quote back on the bike and it is a total loss so now after faxing the information to my insurance agent, he's going to do the leg work on getting the at fault driver's agent to cut the check for a new ride. So now I'll have some decisions to make cross bike or roadie and what kind to get in the price range I'm in.

Phillips this weekend and it looks like it's going to be hot again this year. Bring the water, gatorade, endurolytes, and anything you'll need to keep you hydrated. It'll be a fun course again this year, but I know the climbs in the heat are going to claim it's fair share of victims, I don't plan on being one of them.

Nine mile tonight (go figure) I'll be there around 4:30 or so and may leave around 8 depending how I recover from last nights run.

Monday, June 11, 2007

More Riding Please

Last week I was able to finally get some good quality rides in. 4 hours at nine mile including a night lap to test lights and get a good preview of the 24-9 course on Wednesday. Thursday I attempted to ride at Washburn Lake but did more trail maintainence than I would have liked to after the storms came through, but still managed 3 hours. Friday and Saturday I wasn't able to ride due to packing up the u-haul and Sunday it was back to nine mile for another 3 hours.

Some good weather = lots of hours to ride so I will be a nine mile quite a bit since it's the best trail to riding on without a whole lot of abuse on the body and the bike while I deal with this whole replacement of the road bike thing.

See everybody at Phillips.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where are We?

Okay this is the kind of weather I would expect in March and April....not June. I am getting really sick of having to wash and tear down the bike every single fricken night. Can't ride the roadie most of you already know why that is. I did manage to get out to nine mile and do 4 hours worth of riding including a night lap to see how the lights are working and not too bad by my standards, but could use a little more power so I'll be looking for some more wattage.

I would also like to add that Crank Brothers will be supporting me for 2007. This is a great deal cause I have the eggbeaters and absolutely love them. Lightweight, rebuildable, and great with mud. I am looking forward to getting a new crank and bb setup.

That's it for now....Nine Mile Thursday @ 4:30 Rain or shine I just don't care anymore and need to ride before 24/9

Monday, June 4, 2007

Do not pass go, Do not collect $200

The first WORS marathon race was a complet joke to me I don't know what happened why it happened or where it came from, but I just said "screw it, it's not worth spending more money to fix the bike again after a muddy race" I was sitting in a very good spot ready to put it down on laps 2-4, but just started to let up and just developed a bad attitude in short I was not having fun and also it seemed like all of my frustation with not being able to log the miles on my roadie after the crash and having to deal with all of that stuff and also with the weather not cooperating just hit me at once and I just quit plain and simple.

I think I am going to start over and just focus on 24-9 specifically since the involuntary backing off of time on the bike as felt like an early peak to the season. I know, I know it's a lot of whining, but I never would have thought that the crash would have this kind of mental affect on me since the only thing injured was the bike apparently that's not the case.

A week off of racing should allow me to gather my thoughts and put down some serious ride time and finally have fun on the bike again since after all that's what this is all about.