Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Englewood Always Up To No Good

What better use for uncle sam's money? Vote EVOMO 2008....or just buy some stuff.
Anyway these guys have some cool stuff on the way...take a look.
Yesterday was press check day on the 1st of many new 2008 Evomo designs. "Its a fact that it takes about two weeks and anywhere from 4-12 revisions on a design before it even goes to production." Said Evomo Special Agent Bryan. They also spend an hour or two carefully selecting ink colors and supervising the first few shirts that come off the presses. At Evomo I am proud to say they have a tack-on sense of design and an attention to detail that make the shirts or hoodies something you will want to wear. Plus they are just so friggen cool!
This particular design called “VENOM” they are using water based inks for the red and grey colors and a soft plastisol ink for the black (technically dark grey).

And shirt #1 comes off the press…

These shirts are going to be up for sale early next week… msrp: $20 USD. Do us all a favor and buy one hell buy two cause EVOMO is simply explosive.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Down Wit Da Sickness

Q: What do you get when you are surrounded in cubes by 200+ people 5 days per week most of which having kids and a Wisconsin winter?
A: A nasty flu and a migrane in addition to no training for this week

Okay, now that my whinning is done I hit the trails again tomorrow and I've done some registering and buying goods from many and awaiting the new stuff from others. Lets see I've got the EVOMO kit straight outta the hands of those completing the firearms training and GTA (grand theft auto) training sessions...the hardwork paid off guys. Rudy glasses and helmets are on their way as is my sixsixone gear.

Registration for the Lumberjack 100 is in same goes for cheqfat and iceman (keeping fingers crossed on the triple crown). Registration is half full so if you want in better do it soon.
One week left in cube hell before going to Orlando, FL for some much needed fun and relaxation. I may sneak away for a jog or some weight training.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rudy Project

Now to add Rudy Project to the list of sponsors for 2008. For starters, I'm kinda addicted to eyewear in which I've owned my fair share of other brands and spent tons of money on them, but this is one complete line I like from top to bottom for sport and casual wear. Also, they carry some cool looking and cutting edge helmets and very nice packs as well. Stop by their site...totally rad!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

It's Never 2 Cold 2 Race in Wisconsin

This winter I was looking for something to get my competition fix. Birkie was out of the question as I was not that great on the skate skis yet and arrowhead just isn't on my plate yet either, so I did what was the next best thing and close to home, the Badger State Games. Here's how it shook out.
Saturday: 10k XC Ski

I couldn't have been more confused on how this whole ski racing thing works. They started the classical (my class) and freestyle at the same time. This was such a mess once we hit the course in full stride as classic skiers searched for the track and the freestylers were looking to get by us and pick up some speed. I got tangled in this and lost a good 40 seconds or so trying to get my skis and poles untangled and back on my feet. I took on the challenge of catching up to the main group of classic skiers but with the clear track ahead of them and my navigating around the slower skiers they checked out and just continued to put on a huge gap. I was climbing super strong on a very aerobically challenging course. All in all I was very happy with the completion of my first ski race and look forward to the Birkie next year. Gold medal #1 completed 1st in class and 6th overall in the 10k classic.

Sunday: Quadrathalon (5k run, 5k bike, 5k snowshoe, 5k xc ski)

I was obviously sore and it was noticeable prior to the start of this one, but I had no clue what I was in for. After a confusing pre race meeting in which I trailed off in wondering what gearing I should have put on the singlespeed after finding out there was no single track. I immediately knew that 32x16 wasn't going to cut it. I took off from the start line in a comfortable pace for about 200 meters and then we hit the snowmobile trail. The trail was way to soft and was like beach running....we don't do this in Wisconsin so we don't understand how difficult it can be. After being gassed on the first stage I took to the bike. I wish I would have carried my cadence sensor on me today cause I was well under geared for this probably guessing around 120+ rpm this was mistake number two as the first was picking this day as the first time I ran since July 4th. I was obviously cashed out at this point and I still had two stages to go and out on the snowshoes I got out there and while it was a wild workout it was cool cruising through some of the singletrack. Finally I got out on the skis and at this point I'm at that stage where my focus isn't there and running on fumes I crashed before I even hit the tracks and once more on a sharp right hander which was the third mistake as I should have used the skate skis for more control when the focus wasn't there. I finished strong and gained a spot or two but I think I nabbed a top twenty overall and another gold in my class. Not bad for part timer. Bring on the heat, dirt, and mountain bikes.