Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Englewood Always Up To No Good

What better use for uncle sam's money? Vote EVOMO 2008....or just buy some stuff.
Anyway these guys have some cool stuff on the way...take a look.
Yesterday was press check day on the 1st of many new 2008 Evomo designs. "Its a fact that it takes about two weeks and anywhere from 4-12 revisions on a design before it even goes to production." Said Evomo Special Agent Bryan. They also spend an hour or two carefully selecting ink colors and supervising the first few shirts that come off the presses. At Evomo I am proud to say they have a tack-on sense of design and an attention to detail that make the shirts or hoodies something you will want to wear. Plus they are just so friggen cool!
This particular design called “VENOM” they are using water based inks for the red and grey colors and a soft plastisol ink for the black (technically dark grey).

And shirt #1 comes off the press…

These shirts are going to be up for sale early next week… msrp: $20 USD. Do us all a favor and buy one hell buy two cause EVOMO is simply explosive.

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