Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awaiting the Spring

After weeks and months of a brutal winters' past, I am hoping STRONGLY that it's over after seeing temps struggling to hit 60 degrees as a high. I've been in sort of a funk being very frustrated over the lack decent weather and with the sea otter on 34 days away, I need to get my shit together and fast if I am going to have any shot at coming home with this beauty.
This week was an off week of sorts with a scheduled decrease as a transitional period. Next few weeks I will hit it hard again maybe outside!!! I am beyond ready for May, June and beyond. So far this week goes as follows

Monday: Weight and Core Training
Tuesday: 1 Hr Hill Sprints L6 power 90+ RPM
Wednesday: #1 2 Hr tempo ride 2x20 minute sustained efforts
#2 1 Hr 20 minute TT max effort
Thursday: 2 Hr at a coversation pace
Friday: 1:10 Hr optional ride
Saturday: 5ish hours to tomahawk
Sunday: 6ish hours back to wausau with extra credit moon loop

This should get me started

Monday, March 2, 2009

EVOMO Shirt Design Contest

Here you go all of you creative types out there.  EVOMO has created a t-shirt design contest so put the pencil to the paper and bring the rukus.  Click HERE for more details and some prize info which by no doubt will be in large supply.