Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sold Out

The field is set for the 2008 Lumberjack 100 as registration is sold out. Plenty of familiar faces and names will be in the field such as Eatough, the O'Dea's, Simonster, Mr Scoletrain, Musto, the list goes on but what a field. No Landis is shown though. He's scared of me as much of a monster I am and I can respect that (i'm kidding). It would be nice to have seen more of the Wisconsin folk make it out there, but with the Subaru Cup taking place, it's understandable considering how much I enjoyed it last year...yes even the Jameson that Gen-X Justin was so gracious to share with many of us.

Right now, many, including myself, have motivation and spring on the brain. I did like Scott's list of motivation as it got me to think of what has been keeping me going all winter with the skiing and biking on the snowshoe trails in single digit temperatures with Nirvana's "In Bloom" rockin out on the IPod. There is just this satisfaction of knowing that at 10pm on a Saturday night most people my age are either playing Warcraft on the computer or at the bar doing the 12 oz bicep curl and looking for their baby mamma. Nope not me I am just one guy out on a bike and in this case with only one fricken speed. Only car in the parking lot is mine but you would never know it's me even if you parked next to me, however, it's safe to assume. I am really looking forward to the 2008 season to begin as I know at least one thing will happen for sure and that's simply the fact that the snow will be history....finally! Happy Trails and I look forward to seeing you all at either Rock Cut or Iola.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time to Ride

Last night back to nine mile for some night riding on the snowshoe trails. The rain that welcomed us back to wisconsin last sunday followed by colder temperatures set the trails up perfectly for riding. Same rules still apply in regards to staying on the trail or go over the bars as I had one close call and the 2nd time I did hit the eject button and over I went. Snow is much more forgiving than pavement or Honda CR-V's but of course getting snow in your shoes is something I could do without. I would have liked to have gone longer but my right foot went completely numb and my eyes were starting to freeze shut. Dude I love wisconsin! I am more than likely going to go out again tonight since all next week the temps are going to be too warm and the trails will get too soft unless you have a pugsley. So skiing again all next week with the warm temps.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And Things Are Back To Normal

Well I am back from florida and back to 6 days a week of riding and skiing. I finally have most of the goodies I need for the year and just a few things here and there and I'll be all set for 08. Unfortunately I didn't get into the iceman. Oh well I don't stand a chance to win a single dollar on a scratch off why should getting into a race via lottery be any different I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed for chequamegon, but wont hold my breath. Things in Florida went awesome, visit downtown disney and the Virgin Megastore to pick up a copy of the kurt cobain journals (very interesting stuff) did the seaworld thing (shamu doesn't smell very good, but fun experience) rode some rollercoasters at universal studios and drinks at the city walk. Florida was a great place to visit but now it's time to get ready to do some racing and prepare for a trip possibly out to the southwest.

Evomo is everywhere including Universal Studios.

After some beverages at Bob Marley's Tribute to Freedom!

Then partying with Orange Avenue these guys can cut some good tracks

The Walrus is a huge animal but very cool. Speaking of Walrus it's time to freeze and ski.