Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Where are We?

Okay this is the kind of weather I would expect in March and April....not June. I am getting really sick of having to wash and tear down the bike every single fricken night. Can't ride the roadie most of you already know why that is. I did manage to get out to nine mile and do 4 hours worth of riding including a night lap to see how the lights are working and not too bad by my standards, but could use a little more power so I'll be looking for some more wattage.

I would also like to add that Crank Brothers will be supporting me for 2007. This is a great deal cause I have the eggbeaters and absolutely love them. Lightweight, rebuildable, and great with mud. I am looking forward to getting a new crank and bb setup.

That's it for now....Nine Mile Thursday @ 4:30 Rain or shine I just don't care anymore and need to ride before 24/9

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