Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Was Runnnning

I did my first Forrest Gump workout of the year in which I ran with my old cross country coach for about 5 miles and I didn't really have the legs for it since I rode 3 hours at nine mile on Sunday so the shins are a. I think that's all i've been riding lately is nine mile, but until i get the new roadie that's how it's going to be plus it's a great way to nail down tire and pressure that's going to be used at 24-9 (which is a month and a half away).

I finally got the quote back on the bike and it is a total loss so now after faxing the information to my insurance agent, he's going to do the leg work on getting the at fault driver's agent to cut the check for a new ride. So now I'll have some decisions to make cross bike or roadie and what kind to get in the price range I'm in.

Phillips this weekend and it looks like it's going to be hot again this year. Bring the water, gatorade, endurolytes, and anything you'll need to keep you hydrated. It'll be a fun course again this year, but I know the climbs in the heat are going to claim it's fair share of victims, I don't plan on being one of them.

Nine mile tonight (go figure) I'll be there around 4:30 or so and may leave around 8 depending how I recover from last nights run.

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