Monday, May 28, 2007

12 Hours of Gears

Jim and I did the WEMS opener 12 Hour duo in New Fane. We got there a little late so there wasn't too much time to warm up in the morning chilled air, SS Earl and Team Pegasus were in attendance (along with some PBR). The race started @ 8 am so we didn't have to worry about doing a night lap, but I hit the course in the lemans start and got caught up in someones mess as I was trying to board my Rockhopper. This course was so wide open so I decided to run my Hutchinson 1.85's at around 45 psi since the single track was in short supply and soft. My lap times throughout were extremely consistent and was really happy about how I was feeling even towards the end of the race. To sum it up we ended up doing roughly 150 miles 31 laps (I did 16) climbed around 14,000 feet. We ended up finishing 2nd to team pegasus. I would have liked to have given them more of a fight but after it's all said in done they were more than happy to give us a couple of PBR's for our efforts.
I can't believe how well the Rockhopper performed today, I had nothing but back issues while using the Sugar in a comp race, but riding the Rockhopper over a 12 hour period only gave me the soreness you would expect from a race like this. I am impressed with this hardtail as at treadfest it performed like a champ in the mud and survived gears in extrordinary fashion.

Monday I plan on heading to Wausau to ride the marathon series course in which it sounds like Scott will be there so hopefully I can grab some kind of knowledge as to how this course is going to roll.

Hope everybody has a great Memorial Day and see everyone at Nine Mile this weekend.

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Scoletrain said...

Great race Justin! I must have missed you at 9-mile on Monday. We started around 10:30 and rode for over 2 hrs.