Thursday, May 3, 2007

Rasta Rally Race Recap

I've been so busy with planning the move to Wausau that I never did get out a race recap of the Rasta Rally.

So you've seen the results (8th age 11th overall), but this is how it went down

We didn't get to the venue with a whole lot of time to get ready so the start was kinda shotty without a decent warm up and stretching, but hung in there mid pack for the long gravel leadout. I kept a few guys in my view since I struggling to warm up, but once I did I got three more people and started using the big ring and that felt much better copared to the granny gear riding I did on the first set of climbs in the single track. The course was about 15 miles long and most of it was decent singletrack that really didn't let up on ya. Throw in a couple of switchback climbs log bridge and some plywood bridging that at the end if you're not careful you'll shoot of the end and you have a fun and technical course. I held on that's really all I can say about, but now I know I need to get a good sweat going before I get to the line If I want to go fast from the get go. See you in 2 days at Iola.

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