Monday, July 9, 2007

Riding in the Heat!

Friday I went to nine mile (imagine that) to get in long day of riding the singletrack. I put in roughly 2 hours before Brett and Jim showed up and then did another 1:45 and then stopped a bit to setup lights, eat, and refill bottles. We then did some night riding and I dangled off the back for quite some time battling my left contact lens (wish I got lasik) and about 1:35 minutes later my light died in the pines singletrack where you would lap through in the wors race so I rode along side of jim and brett to the cars. It was a fun ride we had hit all of the single track out there minus the flower garden cause we couldn't find it at night strangely enough and not to mention some logging may have something to do with it. Saturday I attempted to go to Washburn lake and I was extremely dissapointed with the condition with the trail I guess I have to bring a leaf blower and rake anywhere I ride up there now so remind why we pay fees to ride at some of these places? I did however make it to hanson lake and those trails were confusing, but fun and in great shape.

Update to 5k results I did place 23rd but instead of 183 people there were 217....what a turnout.

Finally, I ordered my frame this morning and am excited to be riding such a quality frame in my favorite color plus the Fox rp23 is going to be a step up from the float r I had on my sugar. I have a few odds and ends before I build due to the different sizes on my current rides. I think I am going to keep the same components but next year get some of the new xt stuff.

No racing for me this weekend for it is my wedding. Wish me luck.

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