Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ride the Nitrous into the Dark

Hey Fellow Solo Freaks

I went to nine mile to get some more miles and abuse on the new bike and ride some of the sections of 24-9 I didn't feel strong on when I rode with the Cole brothers on Saturday ho chi minh and #6 to be specific, but that is all now cured. In all I spent about three hours riding all over the map and I finally got shifting, tire pressure and suspension adjustments out of the way. The geometry of the nitrous not only feels comfortable, but I felt more efficient and was turning a higher speed at a much higher cadence than ever before. For a race such as this it's hard to say i am prepared for it, but if I had to make a decision on whether or not I am I would have to say yes. I still have some last minute items to take care of, but will be ready by the time I set up friday afternoon. I have to say that although I am crazy for switching bikes a week before the race but with the Turner Nitrous I wouldn't have it any other way WHAT A RIDE!!!!! I absolutely love this bike. Thank you Turner Bikes for putting out in my oppinion the alpha male of full suspension frames.

I am down to two people for support at 24-9 but this should be okay I really only need one to be awake at a time during the night for food and fuel stops, but I am looking very much forward to this weekend.

I don't even know why I came into work at all this week I can't focus on anything but the 24 hours of 9 mile.

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