Tuesday, July 3, 2007


The dirt circus better known as WORS rolled through Eau Claire last weekend for the Chippewa Valley Firecracker. I absolutely love this course it could use a little more climbing, but if it meant changing the overall route, I'm fine with the way it is....fast.

Once again not having a call up got me into the second row alongside of Brett and Shawn. At the start Shawn ate after getting pinched by a couple of non-experienced riders according to his account. Brett and I kinda held off the back for a little while considering that the whole group was within seconds of each other so no reason to push to the front before the first little riser. It still baffles me how you can get to a little sketchy rocky downhill and everybody is stopped in their tracks. Keep in mind that I have my moments to out there to I've only been riding for 3 years, but most of the time I can handle the hardest terrain with little effort on way less expensive and not the most cutting edge equipment (that will soon change) I think the leaders opened a big gap from that early mess and cruised through a fast course. I think this will teach me to hang off the back and I really need to work on that. The first lap was fast as all hell I kept it in the big ring for about 75% of the lap and same with the second lap. The third lap the lower back issues started reaking havoc again but nothing like phillips (did I mention I hate that course?) At the start of the third lap I started catching some age group riders including tony, but I made my move way to early on the leadout and that allowed him to catch me after I popped and he got the placing ahead of me by about 20 or so seconds. I think I am still in a learning process about attacking and using other riders in the flats, but some things are coming together and it's showing some promise. It's good to be feeling well on the bike again after a poor showing at phillips just being frustrated with poor training from losing the roadie in a crash. Figuring a way to get the time in and speed workouts was an issue cause this is all new to me, but now that I have it under control things are coming full circle just in time for 24 solo at nine mile. I did manage 10th in age and 64th overall so roughly midpack all around which is better than previous races and will now get much better as it gets closer to my next race at 24-9. Jesse and Marko are continuing to build on their reign of terror shaking up the results at each and every wors race with a 1st and 3rd overall on flippin singlespeeds. Landon nailed down another comp overall win and Nate Dog Jasperson earned a top 5 sport overall and 1st in age group (comp is calling you buddy)

In other news I am going to receive the insurance money for the bike hopefully today and on Monday for other issues stemming from the accident so the shopping and purchasing a frame or two is about to go down. Issues are forming with parties in this transaction that's taking place and I am considering other options due to it. I've got some ideas, but you'll see what I have when I finally have them built.

Finnally, My cousin Steven was seriously hurt in a car accident on 6/6/07. We were all worried about the outcome, but after seeing how he was doing this weekend he'll definitely make a full recovery(rods, screws and staples) but it's going to be a long ride for him, but he's a very talented guitarist so he'll have plenty of time to perfect that art and make me look even worse I can't play 1/4 of the stuff he does. His dad is also in a band from Eau Claire called Contradiction and I haven't been able to catch a show yet, but heard they have no problems packing the bars full of people.

The wedding is in two weeks so you wont be seeing me at Green Bay, but that's fine I'll have plenty of time to ride that course when I do the 12 solo later on this season.

Okay so now that my long winded post is over time to celebrate the 4th of July. Nine Mile rides Saturday and Sunday any takers? Scott? Nate? TBS guys?

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