Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Levis 100

Since about last wednesday I've been battling a nasty stomach bug that really knocked me out and even missed a day and a half of work, but that wasn't going to stop me from riding Levis. Eric picked me up at around 5 am.....yuck!!! my stomach grumbling all the way there and still extremely tired, hell I was tired all the way up to the start, during the first lap, while sleeping in the back of the car, you get the story. I couldn't seem to get the sick feeling in my gut to go away and after talking with Lee about what happened out there and talking to Darko Marko and Creepyfriendly Esquire, I got pissed off enough to stop acting like a pussy and get out there and try it again and in a way I am glad I did as for one thing I didn't finish DFL and for another I got a good traning ride in. The downside was I couldn't keep NOTHING down which is hard to do a race like this with no stabilization of incoming to expended calories not good for endurance racing. Point is listen to your body take a break if you need to it's a long season. Anyway, I finished 4 laps, Jesse and Marko rocked the SS championship and now I get to do a WORS race this weekend in my favorite course in which causes me more injuries than I care to mention...Eau Claire.

Slimfast is good for endurance racing? I learned that this weekend, but kind of curious as I am still looking for something I can take down quickly and not choke...Ideas?

Secret Secret training session tonight has my confidence back to normal....no I wasn't at nine mile and we'll leave it at that.

As Scott listed, 33 days till nationals....YIPPEEE! It's going to be FAST this year and Chris...don't worry about the second log pile in the flower trail as it's already gone. The right hander in Ho Chi Minh got me I think I've been jinxed.


ScoleTrain said...

Crap! That log pile in Flower Trail was one advantage I had on the Mr Strout. See you in Eau Claire. Scott

Chris said...

I was wondering how long it would last. Brad and I are headed up there next weekend (12-13th) and I was secretly going to sneak a chainsaw back there ... who would know with all the logging going on?

You're welcome to join us if you'd like -- midday Saturday ride, night Saturday, early morning Sunday ...