Monday, December 31, 2007

Time to Think - Happy New Year

Well 2008 is upon us and I've had some time yesterday while on my 4 hour ski conquest about the past year. What went right, what went wrong, and what do I want to do in 2008.

Well to begin with, I will NOT be going to 24 hour world championships. It's bad timing on their (their being 24 hours of adrenalin) part to schedule non usa cycling sanctioned self proclaimed world 24 solo championships not affiliated at all with the UCI in which Landis and Rasmussen could both compete if they wanted the weekend after 24 hour nats. I personally think this title will be settled and should be settled at Moab so I have naturally scheduled that one for 2008 as my version of the 24 solo world championships. USA Cycling once again designated 24 hours of 9 mile to be the home of the national championships on the same weekend the 24-9 race has always been. Following days later was the date of solo "worlds". Come on people (tostado, juarez, eatough, Hendershot, etc...) forget the passports and come to Wisconsin I'll personally hand you a bag of Cheese Curds myself and a Highlife after crossing the line for the finish.

Secondly, If I plan on doing well next season I can't express how important it is to me to NOT get hit by another car. What a nightmare, between the insurance dollars and the waiting and the mental stress, it took more out of me than I could ever have imagined. I don't wish for anyone I have ever met in the cycling community to go through that no matter how little damaged is involved...not fun.

I am looking forward to exploring the races outside of WORS this year such as Moab, lumberjack 100 and others on my schedule. Maybe I'll transition solely to one 24 hour race per month, 2 months whatever in various states, but for now I'll frequent my favorite WORS courses.

Finally, on a high note I was happy completing my first 24 solo event without any sleep, granted I didn't have the fitness I would have liked going into it and some strange heart burn thing going on didn't contribute any good to the cause, but I'll be back for more suffering next year and how great is that the scoletrain didn't hang up his 24 hour shoes.

I hope everybody has a great new year. Remember just over 4 months till the first race. Rasta Rally in Rhinelander....maybe.

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