Friday, December 7, 2007

New Kit for 2008

EVOMO has come up with a great kit for next year. This kit is so tough that it along with the EVOMO squad is the sole reason why Waldo is hiding. I mean check out those glock 9's last time I saw guns that big I was watching Walker Texas Ranger.
I have accepted sponsorship with Manitou Suspension Products. This to me is great considering the fact that Manitou is the only suspension system other than the ligaments in my knees I've utilized since my first bike purchased in 1995...the Mongoose Sycamore. Its only fitting that I have oufit all of my bikes with Manitou including the R7 and yes even the Axel which came stock on my 2004 Rockhopper Comp. Yeah I am guessing Russell can expect to see more Jamison to come his way that is if I am not doing the lumberjack 100. Also, I would like to welcome Tunguska Blast Energy Drink, Sockguy, and Nuun Nutrtional Products to the list of great partners for the 2008 season. Nuun is going to be a key supporter in the hydration department. With 1 or 2 tablets depending on whether or not your using a Camelbak you have a drink all set which is great if you need something quick while on a ride and can't haul jugs of powder with you.
More night skiing at Nine Mile in prevention of being shot by hunters allows me to get some quality training for xc ski racing cause frankly the skate technique needs some work or i'll be racing in the classic class.
What's with the bad rap 24 worlds is getting and what did I miss?
Am I going to do Iola or Tour De Dells Road and MTB?
After talking with people that are supposedly running a business lately it's no wonder the economy is crap. Office supplies isn't rocket science.
Finally, what class do I renew my usa cycling license in the xc category and will affect what class I race in at Moab, lumbjerjack, etc. Expert?

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