Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Leggionaire "Big House" Mud Challenge

Video Evidence:

Pyramid o' Bales

Last Saturday the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway hosted it's first ever obstacle course race on the same track that legends like Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, Walker Evans, and many other Off-Road Champions walked away as World Off-Road royalty.  The course featured slimy, slippery, and tacky clay that claimed many trying to find grip once things began to get wet, some fun off road terrain made specifically for jeep rock climbing, deep water pits and some fun additions like a pyramid of hay bales, multiple mud crawls, log hurdles, and a wall of tires as well as a slip and slide.  The one obstacle that wasn't pleasing was the heat, but with the race starting on time early on in the morning, it was manageable to keep it together. 

Warmup went well with doing some upper body dips, pullups, and pushups along with top-down stretching and some jogging after downing some beetelite.  I was ready for battle and felt comfortable with the shoulder which would be very important.  Off to the start I go.

The starter fired a shot and we were off into a drag race into the first obstacle.  This was a large cylinder with 2x4s attached and chain link fence to grab onto and pull up to the top, I got there first and blasted as high as I could and let the Innov8s do the most of the work and flew off the other side to the next obstacle.

This would be a set of bleachers...yup, the first 4 feet were missing so it was basically the corral wall at your local Spartan race but then you keep running the bleachers up and down the other side which I thought was kind of unique yet I moved through with ease and even managed to lengthen my lead over the field of 5k and 10k runners at this point.  Moving on to the next obstacle was the first of a section of rock crawling obstacles you would see long travel jeeps attempt not us silly humans....but here we were running up and over these closely spaced boulders going up and down left and right through those rocks and even a series of concrete culverts laying every which way leading me to bound hop, balance, and leap through it all and down the backside into a steep wooden wall.  This wall was all of 40% and had a rope you could use to traverse the spaced pieces of 2x12s leading to the top and I just bounded up without the rope with a bit of speed and luck. 

The course would spin you right around and down into a long mud bog that would just suck your legs in the mud and water which claimed many a shoe that day, but I ran through as light as I could imagine in my brain in hopes to be out quickly.  I would like to think it worked and it must have cause I could no longer hear anyone behind me.

The next chunk of the course would be a series of rolling double track off road trails some were singletrack some were steep pitches of loose sand which would just zap the energy and speed straight out of your legs and into another section of boulders to navigate yourself up and through. 

The next part of the course would bring you into the grandstand area through some large timbers to hurdle, a set of tires to run through as well as wall to climb over in which there would be no dislocating of a shoulder this time around.

Also in this area of the course I would encounter a large wall of tires to climb up, over, and down heading to a series of crawls under wires, crawls in tubes, but the crawling would be broken up by a water slide, and a large pyramid of hay bales in which I actually enjoyed the most as it was more of an agility test for me and I really enjoyed it.  there would be another crawl under a snow fence before crossing the finish line after making another lap around the course.

The finish of the race was confusing but completed in a way that I was happy with the outcome, but left me wanting more.  So what would any self-respecting person on Team Strength and Speed do????? Simple, do another lap, so with permission I would lace up the muddy shoes and head back out to the start and just go do some obstacle training, but I would be surprised to see another team of 11 called "The Chix From the Stix" literally just starting and asked if I wanted to run with them and I did so I walked them through the course and would pick up my pace to get to the obstacle so I didn't hold them back from enjoying the course as a group without me in the way and they seemed to enjoy it so I kept going on with them till the end completing both my laps and theirs for a total of 20K of OCR for the day.  Waiting for me at the finish was a crisp $100 for my days effort and the title of the first ever champion. 

It was a fantastic race with unlimited venue opportunities.  I will be glad to help them out from a design stand point going forward and it benefits the American Cancer Society, which I am very much in support of.  What, no mention of the hot weather.....well it was that fun out there I kinda forgot about it, it was a solid 85 as I left the venue....ahhh well sometimes it's about the experience not the conditions.


No issues with shoulders and felt great going that far, but I still need to get my grip stronger, I think that is a never ending battle just watching how gassed even world class climbers get on Ninja Warrior lol.  We continue on though.....

Here's the next couple of adventures

8/6 - Hank Aaron 5K - Milwaukee
8/20 - Chicago Terrain Race
9/3 - Manitowish Bad Dash OCR
9/17 - Mississippi Mud Run OCR
10/16 - Either OCR Worlds or Whistlestop Half Marathon
Others I am eying up.
UW-EauClaire Blugold 8K Invite (College XC Race)
Nutty Trail Run 5K hilly as hell 5k
Buck Rut 5K Trail Run also hilly as hell
Cyclocross Bicycle Racing either in Minnesota or Northcentral Wisconsin
If I am feeling good before training starts up again I many do some snowshoe racing and/or the frostbite 8k, fatbiking....I don't know, we'll see how the season progresses.

Till then just keep "pushing so hard till your veins pump battery acid and then push some more" -

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