Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Racing and Unfortunate News

It's 1:00 am and I've been watching the uncut version of "Comedy Central Roast of Pam Anderson" with half of my head clogged full of snot. I've been getting my winter racing schedule wrapped up a 21k xc ski race, 5k snowshoe, and the quadrathon (which is a 5k run,5k bike,5k snowshoe and 5k xc ski) this makes the xterra look one weekend and a 5k trail run the week after and 12k xc ski race the week before all of it.

It also looks as though the sea otter is a go this year. I've been really wanting to get out west and do this race since I bought my first mountain bike...a mongoose sycamore complete with RST front fork and chromoly has come a long way hasn't it? Anyway I made the attempt to get out and ride the trails across redbud at nine mile that i've tried to create but still too soft I may just scrap the idea and focus on skiing as I am going to have plenty of time on the bike with all the racing I've got lined up during the 2009 season on the EVOMO team.

On a saddening note a fellow racer had passed away recently and while I did not know him personally, Kyle was a great competitor and just by chatting in passing from point a to b I can honestly say he was a stand up guy and represented the sport well. We were in the same age group so I got know him a little bit, but never the less, Thoughts and prayers go out to him and his closest friends and family.


EVOMO said...

whoooa... too young to die. sad, sad.

Chris said...

Don't sweat Sea Otter -- the course is super not technical. You'll have no problems there, you need FITNESS, so yes, concentrate on the skiing.

Lee Unwin said...

Hey, that's great, Chris is correct the course is not techie at all and the climbing is no harder than anything around here so have fun.